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Ace Your Presentations
by Wilma Davidson, Ed.D. and Susan Kline
Journal of Accountancy, March 1999

If you'd rather schedule a root canal than speak in front of an audience, you're in good company. Sir Winston Churchill, a master of oratory, is known to have said, "There are only a few things in life from which I derive intense pleasure — and speaking is not one of them!" Still Churchill overcame a lisp and lack of a university education to ...

With Pen in Hand, We Hesitate
by Wilma Davidson, Ed.D.
New York Times, July 3, 1988

Look at little children. Crayolas in hand or fingers in paint, they happily leave their marks on the wall, on the floor and on papers that adorn our refrigerators. So, if children start out wanting (even needing) to leave a permanent mark for the world to see, how did so many adults, once children, learn to hate writing? ...